About Us


A local business which its main focus is importing Gaucho’s handcrafted knives from Brazil as we believe the style, quality and uniqueness of our products will be very successful within the Australian market.

Knives play a very important role in Gauchos’ lifestyle. Gauchos are horse riders that live in the pampas of South America, mainly in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Gauchos are
analogous to the cowboy of the American west and the Mexican vaquero.
We are much attached to our knives and always looking for the best materials and combinations to create a high quality knife with style that represents our culture and toughness that will last for a lifetime.

We are currently sourcing our knives from one of the most respected Gaucho Knives manufactures. Facas Gaucha is making knives since 1983 and for more than 30 years they have developed the art of making great gaucho style knives preserving the authenticity and also keeping the gaucho culture alive.

We want to share not only our passion but our very best products with the