Tatu Set
Tatu Set
Tatu Set

Tatu Set

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Back in the old days Gauchos would make knife handles from different materials varying from classic to very exotic ones. The Tatu (Armadillo) its an little mammal with a leathery armour shell. Armadillos tails are also very strong. As gauchos would hunt them for food the tail was also used as a knife handle. Armadillos are now protected and there are no knives made with armadillo tails anymore. However people still like the look and feel of these old traditional knives.
Nowadays the armadillo tail handle is made with resin that mimics the shape and style of the original knives.

If you enjoy sharpening your knives, this knife set is all you need. When your sharpening steel matches with your knife people will notice you are not an amateur!

Handle: Resin handle mimicking an classic armadillo tail
Includes a high quality, heavy duty, handcrafted leather sheath

Key Features:
Rust, stains and corrosion resistant
High Quality Sharpening Steel
Traditional style
Handwash only